The meaning of the word (carton)

Carton: is a name whose meaning in the comprehensive dictionary of meanings is that it is: cardboard of varying thickness made of scraps of paper.

It is known in Al-Raed’s dictionary as hard paper

And carton: It is any type of box or box made of cardboard known as cardboard, and cardboard is often used for packaging purposes.

Cartoon industries

The urgent need to develop and diversify the carton industries emerged as a result of the need for factories and production companies to protect their goods and commodities during their transportation and arrival to the consumer. The boxes made of cardboard paper provided the best way to package and protect these goods during transportation due to their rigidity, shock resistance, and lightweight. It is also characterized as being environmentally friendly so that it can be recycled and recycled to produce new types of cardboard. The papers of magazines, newspapers, books, and notebooks are also used in making cardboard by reusing and recycling them.

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