About Us

Gulf Carton Factory Company was established in 1994 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the first industrial city of Al-Ahsa, and belongs to Al-Jaber Holding Company. Since we started, at Gulf Carton Factory Company, we have been committed to develop high standards of quality, technical expertise and customer service is our first priority. At Gulf Carton Company, we have the capabilities of designing and manufacturing a wide range of high quality products and are certified by the Gulf Carton System ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems.

  • We manufacture and print all paper products through the latest production lines
  • We offer different sizes of cartons that help in packing all the pieces
  • We adopt modern equipment that helps to print cartoons with accuracy and high quality
  • We adopt distinctive specifications, taking into account the material and designs, to obtain a unique product

Our vision: To achieve leadership in the field of innovation, quality and services in the manufacture of capped packaging and supplies of paper products in the region of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Our mission: Achieving excellence in the products and services provided to our customers through the use and absorption of the latest technologies. Ensuring and achieving the best working environment for our team, our customers and our suppliers.

Since its inception, we have been committed to developing high standards of quality, technical expertise and customer service, which is our first priority

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