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Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

Most commonly used type box. Convenient for transportation and warehousing. Available in C, B, BC & EB flutes. Can be printed in up to 5 colours on white or brown paper

Die-Cut Trays

Mostly used for packing water / soft drinks / dairy products on automatic packing lines. Is widely used for packing fruits and vegetables as well. Available in C, B, D

High Graphics

Specifically designed to meet client needs. High graphic printing with 6/7 colours having varnish for high gloss. Fast turnaround to meet deadlines. Available in

Pads, Partitions and Corrugated Sheets

Pads and partitions are normally used to secure inner packs such as glass jars or bottles. Sheets are used to make corrugated boxes or for cushioning / palletizing purpose. Avai

Single Face Rolls or Sheets

Mostly used for wrapping purposes in confectionary or other industries to protect goods. Available in white / brown paper. Can be supplied to meet specific food safety

Specially Folded and Glued Boxes

Used to save time and costs of manual packing. Widely used to pack frozen chicken / meat and also used for promotional items. Available in C, B, D &, E flutes.&nbs